Des Plaines resident Caroline Nebl has been a general education student at Oakton with a plan to major in education and become a teacher. She joined Oakton’s Speech and Debate Club in 2016 and just two years later earned a bronze medal in the “Speech to Entertain” division of the Phi Rho Pi national forensics competition. 

In her comedic presentation “in defense of clowns,” Nebl argued that the professional clown community should be respected for the good work they do in bringing joy, laughter, and silliness to an often too serious world, noting, “They were my favorite part of the circus when I was little … so I wanted to stand up for them.”

Nebl worked hard with her coach, Oakton instructor David Nadolski, to prepare her original speech and performance for the competition and credits joining the team with helping her to overcome her shyness: “Joining helped me to become more confident, a better speaker, and a better person overall.”