Start early. Perhaps the best way to prepare for success in college is to get started as early as possible with processes such as applying for aid and selecting the right courses.

Plan ahead. To avoid stress and manage your workload, plan ahead for all of your assignments. Get a course syllabus (or outline) for each course, and read it carefully. There you will find the instructor’s expectations as well as a schedule for major assignments.

Connect with other students. Find a buddy in each class. Use this student to share email, phone in emergencies and just to study with.

Choose classes carefully. Nothing can cause you more problems than getting overwhelmed by a class for which you are not prepared. Pay close attention to course descriptions, and consult a counselor, or faculty advisor before registering each term.

Seek help. If you need advice with academic or personal matters, take time to talk with the support professionals who are available at every college to help students. If you have trouble with a class, go to your professor. Also check out tutoring services or computerized study aids.

Do the work. It may sound simple, but an essential factor in college success is completing all assignments. Unfortunately, too many students try to get by without reading everything that has been assigned or otherwise scrimping on coursework. If you do everything that is asked of you, the odds of success will be in your favor.